weekend package:

2-3 nights, or up to 4 days

important notes:

  • these packages are available for u.s. travel only.
  • we require at least four weeks advance notice of your desired trip dates.
  • we do not coordinate travel to and from the destination, or accommodations in the destination, though we would be happy to give recommendations if specified in the co-mads profile.
  • the prices below include the curated packages as laid out under “includes” heading for each package, only. it does not include costs associated with your trip; like accommodations, meals/beverages, car transportation/gas/tolls/flights/trains/cabs, activities, shopping, etc. unless noted.
  • no matter how many individuals you’re traveling with, the prices remain the same.
  • when you purchase a package, you can be sure that you are getting a uniquely customized experience based on your interests, needs, and wants. we will never replicate a package for our travelers.
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